ASUS offers the MyASUS app through the Windows 10 store that allows you to customize various hardware options such as fan mode, battery charging mode, and hotkey mode, depending on the laptop. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Sac Portable pour Asus Asus Vivobook Zenbook Feuilleter Max Pro 15,6 Couverture at the best online prices at … On top of that, both these options are glossy and yet don’t support touch, which is something customers might want and something Asus offers on the 14-inch ZenBook UX434. ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581LV-H2018T. February 25, 2020 at 3:41 pm. It’s built to give you all the raw power you need for effortless on-the-go computing. That’s still a good size for a thin-and-light 15-inch laptop, thus there’s no surprise this will last for quite a long time on a charge. Q Serie. What does not too heavy mean for you? – per-key RGB keyboard For what it’s worth, the hardware platform is what primarily sets the two apart, and that’s a minor difference considering the quad-core Whiskey and Comet Lake i7s are nearly identical. La teinte bleue nuit de l'ensemble est finement mise en valeur et rehaussée par un liseré de couleur bronze qui court sur tout le pourtour du plateau intérieur. I'll look for it, but it's not available here, despite the fact that it was announced in Spring. Drag an app window onto the Add icon to add the app onto ScreenPad for easy access. Asus' Zenbook UX305UA is an initially confusing ultrabook. The laptop still gets 2x USB-A slots, one USB-C gen2 (with just data, no video or charging support), a full-size HDMI connector and a full-size card-reader. The UX534 is larger and more powerful, the B9 is more compact and a better typer imo, May 12, 2020 at 10:32 am. Heavy for me means >= 2kg. *Daily Use – running Netflix in EDGE for 30 minutes, fans 35-36 dB October 11, 2019 at 9:57 am. June 4, 2020 at 1:29 pm. UHD touch LED backlit ( is it OLED or IPS? The implementation is sturdy and doesn’t rattle with taps, and the lower part clicks smoothly and quietly. L’Asus ZenBook Pro 15 (UX580GE-E2048T) un PC portable haut de gamme au format 15,6 pouces. PC portable ASUS 15 pouces. Featuring the latest Intel. Configurations vary between regions, and if you can't find it, there's a good chance Asus decided not to offer it in your country. Achat Housse asus zenbook 14 pouces à prix discount. Elle peut être utilisée en visioconférence ou pour d’autres applications interactives. My only nit with this design regards the fact that the cooling exhaust is placed very close to the actual panel. It’s still an entry-level chip optimized for mobile, thus with just a 35W TDP and not the 50W you’ll get with full-size laptops, but it’s fairly capable as long as you don’t plan to run the latest titles at high graphics settings. Required fields are marked *. I will, however, put up a different article comparing the two in the next few days. Commercial; Offers; Toll Free : 1800 2090 365. Comparez et achetez votre PC portable ASUS 15 pouces parmi 62 références. Hp Zbook 15 . As expressed before, though, I am concerned about the fact that hot air is pushed into the screen and the panel-area around the exhaust goes past 50 degrees Celsius, which I’m afraid might cause issues over time. Créativité. The UX534FTC comes with the Comet Lake Core i7-10510U, while the UX534FT gets the Whiskey Lake Core i7-8565U. It’s not as capable in demanding loads as most of the 15-inch performance-ultraportables (like the Dell XPS 15, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme or even the MacBook Pro), but then again it’s a more affordable computer and handles most other daily tasks just as well. Ouvrez les portes du plus beau magasin du Web ! The output can be somewhat tweaked in the included AudioWizard app, but don’t expect wonders. It should be up in a few more days. These are the qualities that define the elegant new ZenBook 15. Free shipping for many products! That’s why we test the CPU’s performance in demanding loads by running Cinebench R15 for 10+ times in a loop, with 2-3 sec delay between each run, which simulates a 100% load on all the cores. We’ll talk about your options in the conclusions section. Down the line, I expect the UX534FT models to be gradually replaced with the Comet Lake updates, but they might also go on discounts as they’re retired, so keep your eyes out for those sales. Users can choose to have this active or switch it off with a press of the F6 key. Mostly for work, don't care about battery. There is almost none reviews on S540 on the internetz. Four days passed and they call me to tell me that they sent my laptop to the service centar and they couldn't repair the problem so I got new laptop - same model as the old one (ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 … Le boîtier de l'appareil est intégralement constitué d'alliage d'aluminium brossé, découpé avec des outils industriels de précision (CNC), et son épaisseur se maintient sous la barre des 2,25 cm. There’s no finger-sensor on the Zenbook UX534, but most versions get a set of IR Hello cameras at the top of the screen. However, a six core i7 variant (80Wh battery) starts at 2370 euros ! When running games I recognized fan noises up to 80 (!) October 14, 2019 at 9:55 am, November 16, 2019 at 5:14 pm. TO keep it very short, though, the 8565U and 10510U are within 2-3% on the UX534, so the 10th gen is not worth waiting for. Innovation. Asus ZenBook Pro Black Whole LCD Module This tactile module consists of the 15.6 inch matte HD panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 px, the hinge covers in matte black, the hinges, the LCD cover in matte black, and the EDP cable video with ref: T64279W5. The default OS is Windows 10 Home, but 'Asus recommends' Windows 10 Pro. We’ll talk more about this below. At its heart is the latest 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, which is faster than the previous generation, with up to 16GB of RAM for effortless, super-smooth multitasking. How about the displays? Aujourd'hui mercredi 23 décembre 2020, faites vous plaisir grâce à notre sélection Housse asus zenbook 14 pouces pas cher ! 4,4/5 (5 avis) Ecran NanoEdge FHD 14" - 1920 x 1080 pixels; Can you tell me which firmware version was installed to your test device? Featuring an aluminum frame with backlit chiclet keyboard number pad, it runs Windows 10. Livraison rapide de votre PC portable ou retrait en magasin. But according to someone on the Asus forms, there is no support for display export through USB-C on this laptop: Hp Zenbook 15 . Gamer (82) Appareil connecté (13) ... PC portable Asus Zenbook Screenpad UX480FD-BE027T. Of course, the laptop handles everyday use (browsing, video, text-editing) smoothly, but if you’re getting the i7 you’ll most likely want to put it to some serious work as well. Interference from USB 3 devices may vary according to the device. With only a small price difference, I would go for the better screen and battery. It's true that we don't run specific Photoshop/Premiere work loads because those would require a specific a very expensive Adobe Cloud license to install the software on tens of different laptops each year, and frankly, we can't afford it, being a small publication. January 9, 2020 at 3:50 am. This is not a gaming laptop by any means, as you’ll find devices with better specs and faster 144 HZ screens for the same kind of money or less if you’re willing to compromise on the portability and ultra-compact form-factor. The former is the newer launch for late-2019, but it’s almost the same in terms of specs and performance in this kind of thin implementations, that’s why we’ll mostly focus on the i7-10510U in this review. Un large choix à partir de 449€. Finally, we get to run some real games representative for DX11 and DX12 architectures, on the Max Performance power profile and the -60 mV CPU undervolt, at FHD Low, FHD High and UHD Low settings, just to see what you can expect if you’re getting the UHD panel and think about running games at the native resolution (spoiler: don’t). These apps need to be developed, though, and right now there aren’t many available. I've got a UX534 i7-8565U for the next few days and I'm split between keeping it or getting the new 1650MQ Razer Blade Stealth or the UX534FTC i7-10510U once it becomes available. On the other hand, they can’t match the six-core Core H i7s available in most other 15-inch performance-ultraportables, so if performance in demanding work/school loads is one of your primary criteria, chances are you’ll find better value with those. Is it sufficient to edit 4K videos? yoonlim 59 views 3 comments 0 points Latest reply: Blake_ASUS 1:54AM VivoBook. We ran them on the High-Performance profile and default settings: Then we reran some of them on the -60 mV undervolted profile: All in all, the 2019 ZenBook 15s perform very well for Core U implementations, because the CPUs are set to run at higher than standard frequencies and TDP. I've been covering mobile computers since the 2000s and you'll mostly find reviews and thorough guides written by me here on the site. Acer Nitro 5? Affiner votre recherche : Asus ... Ordinateur portable Asus Zenbook Pro Duo UX581GV-H2002R . Une couleur métallique que l'on retrouve … De 13 à 14 pouces (103) De 15 à 16 pouces (75) 17 pouces et plus (65) Mémoire vidéo dédiée (74) 0 8192. I’d rather conserve the battery and don’t find much use for the ScreenPad anyway, so I’d mostly keep it off. i7-8750H ( 6 core, 9 MB cache, 45 W TDP, 8th gen Q2 2018 ), We also noticed color and luminance uniformity deviations in the lower corners, so overall I’d say this is an OK screen option, but not really what I’d expect in this class in 2019. This is 4-core Six-gen. 10510U is 4-core, 10710U is 6-core. So if Mac OS is not an option for you, then you should look at these two. Innovation. July 24, 2020 at 5:31 pm, November 3, 2020 at 4:29 pm. Confirmer. There’s no touch included though, which would have been a welcomed addition. Details down below, taken with a Spyder 4 sensor. Multimédia, 15,6", Core i7-10750H, RTX 2060, RAM 16 Go, SSD 512 Go, Windows 10, 2,50 kg April 15, 2020 at 7:04 pm, I bought a brand new Asus zenbook 15 ux534. Sur Rakuten, des promos exceptionnelles vous attendent tout au long de l'année pour toute commande d'un produit Asus ZenBook 15 UX534FA-A8125T - 15.6" Intel Core i5 - 1.8 Ghz - Ram 8 Go - SSD 512 Go pas cher. As explained earlier, the glass does reinforce the display and helps fend off some of the heat that blows into the display from the exhausts, but it also adds glare and reflections into the mix, making the laptops more difficult to use outdoors or in bright environments. I put my current laptop on the aluminium cooling pad with holes, and 3 fans underneath, and I additionally blow the table fan on the left side of the laptop, which moves away the hot air coming out from the vents, and I'm planning to use this approach with my 4K laptop as well. Explorez votre créativité et optimisez votre productivité avec toutes les qualités de l'ordinateur portable ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo ux581lv-h2009t ! This aside, the ZenBook 15 UX534 is fairly practical and ergonomic, but I still wish Asus would blunt the inner edges, they’re a bit sharp for my liking and dig into my wrists when using the computer in cramped spaces. The review mainly focuses on the late-2019 ZenBook 15 UX534FTC configuration, as that’s the one that you’ll mostly find in stores in the months to come, but we’ll also compare it to the Whiskey Lake the gen variant. Number on Touchpad ASUS Zenbook 13 UX325JA tidak dapat berfungsi. Bottom point, Asus needs to improve future ZenBooks 15 in this department. The XPS is something else, it's a Core H platform, larger battery, better screens. Of course, the UHD panel does cost more and takes a slight toll on the battery life, but as you’ll see in a further section down below, it’s smaller than I expected. Is that right? October 13, 2019 at 8:04 pm. October 8, 2019 at 4:28 pm. Actual Wi-Fi range and performance may be affected by environmental factors. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good typer, it’s very fast and quiet and responsive. That’s probably this one’s main rival, with similar features and specs, but a convertible form-factor and a touchscreen. Écran 15.6" LCD - IPS 60 Hz Résolution UHD (4K) 3840 x 2160 pixels; Windows 10 Famille Intel Core i7-10510U (4 coeurs x 4.90 GHz) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q (4 Go) 16 Go LPDDR3 - 2133 MHz 1 To (SSD M.2 PCI-e 3.0 x4) Paiement en 3X dès 100€. The UX534s keep the same thermal design from the UX533, with two 5V fans and two heatpipes, each pipe connected to a single radiator. You don't even know what I'm talking about…. It seems it is a few hundred $$ cheaper and has a better screen. The design hasn’t changed from the ZenBook 15 UX533, that’s why I’ll refer you to our previous article for our in-depth impressions on the build quality, choice in materials and overall ergonomics. The average-quality FHD screen on most configurations, the lack of Thunderbolt 3 support and the potential issues that could be caused by the components running at high temperatures and by the hot air being blown into the screen, these are all good-enough reasons to look elsewhere. In the past, you’d press the Fn key first to use these features: now, the function keys operate the advanced features by default. The new affordable gaming king. That aside, due to the soft strokes, this keyboard is also unforgiving to straying fingers. Can't find anything on the net, not even in the Asus webshop, May 21, 2020 at 10:31 am. Anyway, the 1 TB configurations come with a fast Samsung PM981 SSD out-of-the-box, but 256 and 512 GB configurations might only ship with PCIe x2 drives that you might want to upgrade. For the past several years, Razer has... Acer Aspire 5 review (A514-54 model) – Tiger Lake laptop on the budget, Huawei Matebook 14 review (AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, 3:2 display), Asus Zephyrus G14 revisited – one month later (Ryzen 9 4900HS performance and gaming, vs Ryzen 7 4800HS), Lenovo Legion 5 review (AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, GTX 1650Ti gaming laptop). At -60 mV, the CPU settles for around 3.2 GHz after several Cinebench runs, scores of around 690-700 points, a TDP of 24+ W and temperatures of around 89-90 degrees Celsius, which is a mere 5% improvement over the stock settings. for $1399, which is very competitive for these specs and that amount of storage. PC Ultrabook - ASUS ZenBook UX430UN-GV144T - 14 pouces Designed to empower your creativity, ZenBook 15 doesn’t sacrifice performance for size. 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