La sentenza viene emessa principalmente sulla base della mancanza di uno studio scientifico comparativo “che riguardi specificatamente la questione sul tappeto”. In 2016, a Brazilian therapist was detained at a Russian airport as a result of the possession of 6.6 liters of ayahuasca. Some plant ingredients in ayahuasca, B. caapi and P. viridis, are in Finland’s herb list, which implies that these can be legal or illegal, depending on whether these are used for medicinal purposes or not. While it may not be illegal to possess plant materials that don’t contain DMT, such as B. caapi, any type of preparation that contains DMT is classified as a class A drug, which makes it illegal to brew your own ayahuasca in UK and import or distribute it. 20 marzo 2014, n.36). It continues to grace rituals conducted by shamans from Peru and Colombia and in local therapy and healing centers, used as a treatment for certain disorders like addiction. The US state of Louisiana has prohibited the possession of B. caapi vine unless it is being grown for ornamental purposes. Despite these prosecutions, ayahuasca ceremonies and retreats still operate in Spain. The use of ayahuasca has its own risks that cannot be ignored. ICEERS Technical Report on Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca was authorized for use in ritual and religious contexts in 1987 by the infra-legal regulations of the National Council on Drug Policy, an agency under the Ministry of Justice. Sacred Reciprocity & Social Responsibility Program, Subscribe, Rate & Review EntheoNation on iTunes, Modern Shamanic Guide to Sacred Amazonian Snuff, Quickstart Guide to Microdosing Ayahuasca Vine, Quickstart Guide to Microdosing Magic Mushrooms. While not specifically prohibited, it is not explicitly authorized either whether for use in therapeutic, religious, or shamanic context. Ayahuasca is only legal in Peru as part of a spiritual ceremony, it is not supposed to be taken unsupervised. Il caso più rilevante, che vedremo tra poco, è quello di Walter Menozzi, fondatore di CEFLURIS Italia, Associazione Religiosa senza fini di lucro che confedera i centri del Santo Daime in Italia. The plant medicine has been on the radar of media attention because of ayahuasca being seized by Finnish customs. Ayahuasca’s legal status is murky at best, but the substance it contains, DMT, is clearly illegal in the United States and most other countries (more on that shortly). Peru is one of the countries where it is freely legal to use ayahuasca. Quindi, riepilogando, cosa possiamo dire sullo stato dell’Ayahuasca per la legge italiana? is home to an abundance of retreat centers, and has a growing ayahuasca tourism industry. Durante la fase preliminare, cioè prima che si avviasse il processo, Menozzi ha potuto fare appello alla Corte di Cassazione di Roma la quale, per decidere se l’Ayahuasca rientrasse o meno tra le sostanze poste sotto il controllo dalla legge italiana, ha ritenuto necessario dare una risposta alle seguenti domane (NdA: liberamente tratte dalla sentenza poi rilasciata): La sentenza della Corte di Cassazione N. 44229 del 6 Ottobre 2005 rileva come non siano presenti, nell’ordinanza impugnata, le risposte a queste domande e rinvia per un nuovo esame al Tribunale di Perugia specificando di procedere “in luce dei principi fin qui esposti”. However, even in controlled settings, the use of ayahuasca and other psychedelics isn't without risk. A very public trial of three ayahuasca practitioners in Romania is currently underway, and all three could be facing 13 years in prison. We have several web pages, more than 30 pages on the social network, Facebook, Twitter, and this Blog. DMT is illegal in Netherlands, covered by the Opium Act. Some of these groups consider their work as “spiritual”, where they create bridges for Jewish and Palestinian populations. In una relazione di 9 pagine, il perito della difesa giunge alla conclusione che: “[…] in risposta al quesito del Pubblico Ministero, che non solo l’ayahuasca consiste in un semplice processo derivativo da piante naturali, ma anche che gli effetti della DMT derivanti dall’assunzione dell’ayahuasca non sono concretamente potenziati rispetto agli effetti derivanti dall’utilizzo congiunto/contemporaneo (e neppure disgiunto), al naturale, delle piante di provenienza (Psychotria Viridis o Rainha, e Banisteriopsis Caapi o Jagube) con cui si prepara l’Ayahausca.”. Nice article, and great info about legality. Ayahuasca was demonized following the raid on a campsite of Santo Daime members. Cerchiamo di capire perché. A number of ayahuasca retreats have been operating under the radar in Romania, but several have recently suffered raids and prosecutions. A court case in the early 2000s granted the Santo Daime church the right to use ayahuasca as a legal sacrament, protected under the European Convention on Human Rights. The ambiguity has led to the confiscation of ayahuasca that was supposed to be for the use of the Santo Daime community at the Brazilian border. Organizations oversee retreat centers and ceremonial spaces, making sure the facilitators are qualified and using ayahuasca in a respectful manner. In chiusura, anche qualora una ricerca scientifica ribaltasse l’attuale risposta alle domande della Corte di Cassazione, che rende de facto non illegale la Ayahuasca in Italia, rimane sostanzialmente aperto il tema della tutela della liberà di culto e l’utilizzo dell’Ayahuasca nelle cerimonie del Santo Daime e, potenzialmente, in altri culti religiosi. The Board recommended that governments address ayahuasca use at a national level – which has meant that countries have to make their own specific laws about ayahuasca. In Italia, l’Ayahuasca (che in Brasile è chiamata “Santo Daime”) è stata dichiarata sostanza NON narcotica, con due sentenze della Corte di Cassazione (Sezione IV, 6 Ottobre 2005, n. 44229 e Sezione I, 16 Febbraio 2007, n. 19056) e una Nota del Ministero della Salute (n. … Some of these have led to prosecutions and jail times. In France, pretty much any plant containing either DMT or the harmala alkaloids is illegal to possess. While no person has been sentenced to prison for cases related to ayahuasca, there are already those who have been arrested for it. Twitter: @rjpatricksmith. 51 c.p., di una qualche tutela come esercizio della libertà garantita dall’art. There have been reports of confiscations, but ayahuasca is a low priority for the police and customs. In one recent case a member of Santo Daime was arrested and held in jail for four days, after importing ayahuasca. While there have been court cases with regard to the importation of ayahuasca, its legal status will continue to remain uncertain until a case lands in the supreme court. Keep in mind that while DMT-containing plants may not be explicitly illegal in your country, unless your country has specifically allowed for the possession of these plants, assume that there is a risk of being prosecuted. There are still no prosecutions with regard to its use or supply, and ayahuasca ceremonies operate in the country. My teacher was living in a village in 1997 with no communication – it was very cut off and deep in the jungle. There now exist multiple ayahuasca retreats within the country, where one could enjoy and consume the brew in a spiritual setting. “Ayahausca – La Liana degli Spiriti” (Franco Angeli, Milano, 2007), La sentenza della Corte di Cassazione N. 44229 del 6 Ottobre 2005, Sentenza Tribunale di Perugia del 13 gennaio 2006, Decreto di Archiviazione del Tribunale di Perugia del 4 aprile 2006, la nota N. 6895-44021 dell’Istituto Superiore di Sanità di Roma, Bia Labate, Racconto dettagliato del caso Walter Menozzi, Bia Labate, Racconto dettagliato del caso Gianluca Curzi, Il potenziale terapeutico dell’Ayahuasca per il trattamento della depressione. Check out our full article on decriminalization in the US here. This decriminalization means that all drugs are no longer technically illegal to possess and use, in small amounts. Ayahuasca, the vine of the soul, and how to find your inner space. Even the Brazilian ayahuasca religions are not protected in Germany. Non è una pianta medicinale qualsiasi, l’ayahuasca ha la capacità di rivelare meraviglie spirituali; non è una semplice sostanza allucinogena, è davvero una medicina per l’anima. INCB Annual Report 2010. Originally published on The Stoner's, this ninth of eleven videos discusses the legal status of ayahuasca. The country is home to an abundance of retreat centers, and has a growing ayahuasca tourism industry. There have been reports of confiscations, but ayahuasca is a low priority for the police and customs. This has been prevalent since 2012. In Brazil, a protracted legal battle in the 1980's ended with the Brazilian government finding ayahuasca churches use of ayahuasca was was safe and showed no signs of harming the members. The Supreme Court in Finland has yet to decide whether ayahuasca is illegal or not. DMT is illegal in international law, but this does not necessarily apply to live/dried plants on their own unless countries have made specific laws prohibiting the plants (such as France), or have determined that dried plants constitute a “preparation” of DMT (such as Latvia). Ayahuasca Travel Italia Administering ayahuasca in exchange for money is a crime and you could get imprisoned and fined for it. Is Ayahuasca legal in the United States? Initially things looked positive; in January 2005 a Paris court of appeals concluded that ayahuasca is not a preparation of DMT and decided that this is not a controlled substance. Several members of the Santo Daime church in Spain spent some time in prison in 2000. A case involved a student who received a 400 Euro fine for importing two liters of ayahuasca brew. However, the plant ingredients used in ayahuasca are not recognized as scheduled substances. 8 9 In addition, participants of rituals in the Czech Republic say they also use it to detoxify from foreign organisms and to enhance immunity. You can use it for personal healing, and possess small amounts – but organizers could go to prison for bringing it into the country, or giving it to ceremony participants. Avvertimi via email in caso di risposte al mio commento. Certamente che né la Ayahuasca, né alcuno dei suoi componenti, sono inclusi nella Tabella 1 delle Sostanze stupefacenti e psicotrope (D.L. This is because Switzerland is a federal state where its 26 “Cantons” or States have their own priorities while still being covered within the federal legal framework. A television and theater actor was arrested after he was suspected of attempted ayahuasca importation under a fake name, addressed to his house. The Santo Daime brought a civil case forward for the protection of their right to use ayahuasca in religious services in Denmark, but the results were unfavorable. This implies that sale and production of ayahuasca with DMT content will bear criminal penalties. The therapist was charged with international drug trafficking and sentenced to 6+ years in prison. Ayahuasca churches in the USA includes Santo Daime. As such, indigenous peoples feel empowered to practice with ayahuasca. It can be observed though that different neo-shamanic organizations are still advertising its use in ceremonies in and around Copenhagen. Ayahuasca is popular because it has a promising therapeutic potential in the treatment of addiction and other lifestyle diseases. Do il mio consenso affinché un cookie salvi i miei dati (nome, email, sito web) per il prossimo commento. La preparazione dell’Ayahuasca è un processo di mera derivazione da sostanze vegetali presenti in natura?

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